19 July 2010


Sitemeter allows me some information abt those who come here. I find that the most international visitors seem to be interestd in handsome men. my postings on Ben Barnes & Robert Drivas continue to be popular.

not many who visit leave comments. even when they sting I leave them -- unless they are in a language which I can't read. I presume the preponderance of Chinese comments are spam. those I delete.

the comment by Rondell on my last post is curious. I don't know this person so I don't know if her comment is meant to be wit. I was thinking of deleting it -- in case the distinguishd comnposer mite find it here. but then I figure that anyone in the public eye becomes used to all manner of commentary.

so Rondell -- welcome. perhaps if you look around here you may enjoy some Drivas booty or Capello biceps or the twinkle in Buddy Guy's eye. & if none of that appeals you'll have to make do with a poem.

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