17 July 2010

the longer I live

the stranger the synchronicities.

when I was a kid I loved the ice skating shows that came to Cleveland Arena. Mom & Dad & I often went to see the annual spectaculars put on by Ice Capades & Ice Follies. I came to know & love certain skaters as much as I did movie stars.

not long after arriving in Santa Fe I learnd that a woman who workd out beside me at the gym was Frances Dorsey who had been in Ice Follies. I checkd my old programs & discoverd that a couple of months before my 13th birthday I'd seen her featurd in the production number "Pueblo Ceremonial."

I thot it was strange indeed that all those years after seeing her skate in that particular number I shd be lifting weights beside her in this country of pueblos.

we never became friends & she eventually stoppd going to my gym. & in recent years I hadn't seen her around town. but then just the other day as I was walking to the gym the name Frances Dorsey jumpd into my head & shortly after out again.

in today's paper I read her obituary. she died the day before her name suddenly came to me. now this sort of thing has happend before but usually with people who were close. I literally hadn't thot of her in some time nor discussd her with anyone.


Bill Fogle said...

Read and enjoyed. No "reply" as such. What could I say?

Anonymous said...

She was my coach for nearly a decade and the woman who was most influential in my life on a daily basis until I was an adult. She was incredible and I have missed her in my life for these many years now. If she was in the gym at about age 70 - she hadn't changed much! You r lucky to have witnessed such a remarkable lady.