27 July 2010

my reading

thx to John Burroughs & Diane Borsenik for allowing me to read in Lakewood last week.

we three spent the day among the dead. & John video'd me reading "All in the Eye" in front of Terminal Tower.

to mark the 80th anniversary of that great structure I read the Cleveland section of Ohio Triangle that nite at Bela Dubby. when I read "All in the Eye" I brought out the antique souvenir of Terminal Tower Mom found at a sale years ago.


Jesus Crisis said...

Thank you, Alex! I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with you, and I'm happy I captured your excellent reading on video. I hope to have some footage online within a week, if life allows.

Malibu Boy said...

What is the origin of Terminal Tower (what an interesting name).....We have a similar tower in my neighborhood.

AlexG said...

Bob -- under the building is the train terminal. so I presume that's how it got its name.