15 July 2010

Cow Appreciation Day

PeeWee Herman informs us of this "holiday."

it immediately brought to mind 2 events a decade apart.

this is my best friend from high school T. R. Queen at a 1961 picnic

& I remember getting off the elevator at the Whitney in 1971 for the Warhol exhibition & seeing all those cows on his wallpaper.


richard lopez said...

my favorite animals are cows and chickens, really are. love their images and have a fetish for kitschy items -- crockery, paintings, etc. etc. -- with their images. everyday i appreciate the cow.

AlexG said...

my mother collects chickens. just got her a cloth one at the international folk art market.

& a friend -- the late Coburn Britton -- used to collect cow items.

cinemage books said...

didn't we see this together. I seem to have a memory of us at the opening.

AlexG said...

yes Ira. we were there together.