19 December 2009

walkd to town & back -- happy I'm not on the east coast.


richard lopez said...

well, without sounding like a complete jerk -- me i mean -- i'm glad too. the worse we have to deal with in the great central valley is fog, lots of it in fact. today was foggy as hell, but i'll take it compared to having to deal with snow. saw some pics a couple days ago taken in stockholm, one of my favorite towns, with the first serious snowfall of the season, and man, oooh! does it look miserable, and cold!

cinemage books said...

I love the winter, especially in my beloved New York City. During the blizzard I had my blinds opened to view the very old trees on my block and how beautiful they looked catching all those flakes. I love the seasonal changes. The only season I hate here is the summer, I would no doubt love it if I lived in the west or had a country home near the ocean. But I don't blanche I don't.