29 December 2009

upright subjunctive

when I saw Freud's couch all I cd think was who cd possibly feel comfortable on those old rugs. then I got on the Vienna trolley & returnd to ElDorado Park to swim naked. now that was comfortable. & when I viewd the Venus of Willendorf she was naked & lookd comfortable too. in that same week I saw Mr. Vienna crownd at my hotel. he wasn't totally naked. but in that skimpy outfit & grimacing thru those muscle poses he didn't look comfortable at all. then there were the others who shared the long table at Figgulmuller's where we all felt comfortable eating weinerschnitzle that floppd over the edges of the plate.

I'm not sure why Freud put rugs on his couch. I suspect he had no design sense. but you'd think he'd have tried out the couch before having his patients recline on it. it's less an issue of a discerning eye than of a comfortable ass. but that was a long time ago. maybe Austrians then threw rugs all over their rooms.

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