22 December 2009

"Brent Goodman woke up with the stars."

I read that on Facebook this morning. my simple reading is that he woke up in the middle of the nite.

I often wake up with stars. but they are movie stars who come to me in dreams. those who leave us their images on screen never die. & those screen images ooze into my head & bleed into my dreams.

Marilyn Monroe is a frequent visitor. I never met her in life but went to her grave again last month. the Marilyn I see in my dreams isn't the character she workd hard to present to the world. she's a quiet young woman who enjoys listening.

these nite movies my mind makes often disappear even as I lift my body from bed. but sometimes the forgotten ressurects itself with a word here   a line there. where else does poetry come from? it comes as much from the movies I see as from those my head makes in the nite.

so good morning Brent. how splendid we both woke up.


Brent Goodman said...

Good mornin to you, friend! Got up early, 5am, to write, the stars still in the big bay window.

Bill Fogle said...

What a fantastic exchange!