18 December 2009

impeach Congress

Lieberman may be the biggest shit in the Senate but he doesn't hold the patent on dishonesty or greed. & then there are those neanderthals from Nebraska & Oklahoma. I don't remember ever having been so disgustd with our government. nothing seems to be working.

& what to make of Obama. the last president was so bad that we all had expectations too high for any mortal to meet. I still want this guy to succeed but we need action & not more speeches. if he isn't strong enuf to pass legislation when his is the majority party what will happen when the GOP makes its expectd gains next year.

I try not to be negative but the bombardment of bad news is daunting. & it coincides with the most depressing time of the year. screw the plum pudding. just pass a bowl of Valium till we're well into 2010.

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Bill Fogle said...

Not my time of year, either. Think of how glorious your patio will be come spring and summer!