27 August 2009

why people hate government

I've lived in this city for 15 years & always pay my bills on time. last month I forgot to pay the city utility bill.

I just got a disconnect notice in the mail.


Bill Fogle said...

I bought a grand piano in 1996, when the Baldwin Piano Company still ran its own financing department. I could call or write those ladies and say that I was skipping this month but would double my payment next month, and they were fine with it. With only a handful of payments in my booklet to go, the company folded and sold their outstanding loans to some corp. When a payment was a week late I got a repo notification (on an item 98% owned by me!).

I think the key word is people. Good human judgment has disappeared.

Your story rankles me! I agree that it is a cancer of our times.

AlexG said...

maild my payment this morning.