02 August 2009

to avoid

cleaning house
I'm spending
too much time
on Facebook.


Bill Fogle said...

I'm in a huge Facebook phase in my life. Just like 11th grade dances or church youth groups, it's exciting and deeply painful at the same time. How much of me can other people take?! How "real" can I be? At moments I wonder, at 50, whether I have improved upon my 16-year-old self or not. At least then, I was adorable. My infractions of wisdom or good taste were nullified by desirability. Lord!

I love having you around. Getting a comment from Alex is like having a Monarch butterfly land on your arm.

Alex Gildzen said...

you say the sweetest things. thx Bill.

since I work daily on "Alex in Movieland" I try to tell myself that time spent on FB is "research." & I have uncoverd many folks from my past who are putting certain pieces of their/our lives together.