01 August 2009

one of

my boyhood favorites was Sessue Hayakawa.

it was during the height of his comeback which culminatd in his role in "Bridge on the River Kwai." it was later that I found his spectacular work as a leading man in silent films.

last nite TCM did a Hayakawa salute. both films I saw were clunkers   "Three Came Back" & "Tokyo Joe." however he was captivating even in these minor movies. & it was heartening to know that tribute was being paid to an important actor.


cinemage books said...

just saw him again in bridge and supposedly Lean was very hard on him, especially in his crying scene which Lean made him do over and over, finally he really broke down and his crying was the real thing. Much prefer his performance over Red Buttons for the supp. Oscar that year.

AlexG said...

well you know Ira Joel what I think of the academy. time after time some of the most legendary films & directors & performers are ignord.