10 August 2009



malibu boy said...

Are you going to include a nice table and chairs to have morning tea? How fun!

I've always loved the blue trim with the adobe color.

Alex Gildzen said...

I have a lounge chair for naked sunning. but I don't want to frighten the neighbors.

Bill Fogle said...

I was (can I say this here ...?) naked in my garden the other night. It was lovely. On paper, I was never a "nudity person." Yet, in practice I sort of am. Many stories in the moutntain woods of Maine.

I love your home, the environment, the colors, the intensity of the light, as only someone who is a total 100% stranger to that area can. I am completely envious of where you live.

I note, however, that the house cannot be correctly pinpointed on any of Google's (or Rand Mcnally's) map programs.

Montgomery Maxton said...

you have a beautiful home, alex, and this will make for a beautiful addition. cheers - mm

Anonymous said...

oh how wonderful. so looking forward to my next visit so i can enjoy the patio with you.

Alex Gildzen said...

my neighbor Phil found this father & son team who do exceptional stone work. the flagstone they're using is twice as thick as most.

I'll post pix next week when it's done.

today (tues) Regina & I will do museums & galleries before the opera tonite.