13 January 2009

"No Greater Glory"

I've always wantd to see this Frank Borzage film because it features my friend Lois Wilson.

her fame remains in the silent era. it was a time when the prevalent acting style allowd divas to claw scenery with such gusto that some don't enjoy silent films because they've only seen those performers. Lois tended to underplay. her great roles were Lulu Bett   Daisy Buchanan   Molly Wingate. her voice & lack of mannerisms allowd her to succeed in the transition to talkies. but she soon was appearing in support. she was often cast as a mother. among the actresses who playd her daughter were Bette Davis   Shirley Temple   Virginia Mayo.

"No Greater Glory" had its TCM debut last nite. the part Lois has is small but powerful. a classic maternal role. I'm happy the film is getting some attention.


Anonymous said...

Trying to find info about the film. My great great grandfather was briefly a silent file actor and my great grandmother had told me he was in a move called No Greater Glory and played the police officer. Do you know where I can find more info on the film?

AlexG said...

I'd start with IMDB.

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