15 January 2009

hearing of

the downing of a US Air jet into the waters of NYC today brought back memories of another US Air jet that went into those waters nearly 17 years ago.

today's story is a miracle. at this hour it seems as if all passengers survivd. the 1992 crash had some survivors but many deaths. & 2 of those were members of the Kent State family.

Michael Mould was an honor student who performd Shakespeare on campus with future stars Mark Setlock & Marc Andreyko. he also composd the music for Andreyko's staging of Wilde's "Salome."

Douglas Radcliff-Umstead was a professor of foreign languages & author of Birth of Modern Comedy in Renaissance Italy.

both deaths were commemoratd by artists who knew the dead. P. Craig Russell did this drawing of Mould:

& Tony Trigilio wrote "Elegy for a Poet" in memory of Radcliff-Umstead.

the dead remain our companions.

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