17 January 2009

inaugural weekend

the part of me that functions as witness to history wants to be in Washington these next 4 days. but the part of me that's getting older finds the prospect of standing in the cold with 2 million people a daunting task.

at least I did attend an inauguration -- the first Clinton one.

as a matter of history I think the Obama inauguration may be the most important since Kennedy's. but -- regardless of history's final verdict on Clinton -- I have no regrets abt being there. at least I have one inauguration under my belt. & that whole weekend was pretty amazing. the outdoor concert with Diana Ross swooping on stage in a huge red gown. the fireworks that nite. the tents on the mall where you cd hear Peter Paul & Mary or the Staple Singers. & of course that moment of the swearing in.

then the parade. not only the new president & members of his party but also Chief Justice Rehnquist & recently disgraced Ted Stevens.

it was a moment in history & I was right there.


cinemage books said...

Although I never made it to an one, me and my mom visited washington in 1956 a week before Eisenhower was sworn in for his 2nd term. I have a picture of the two of us in front of the bleachers. Lovely picture of your mom alex, its funny but it seems that all of us had beautiful mothers.

Anonymous said...

I am feeling like there's a party in the next room and I should grab a bottle and knock on the door. Sadly, the crowds would make the evemnt something of a trauma for me.

But, still ... I'm right f--king here. Often I ride my bike down there on a summer afternoon.

A summer afternoon.