16 January 2009

from the archives

I always felt this was a lovely shot of Mom. & I like the way snapshots of that day were printd with borders.


Steve said...

It most absolutely is. She's beautiful, Alex!

I'll post picture of my mom (also beautiful) sometime at FACEBOOK.

AlexG said...

thx Steve.

there is no poem long enuf to express what we feel abt our mothers.

Bill Fogle said...

Funny I left no comment here. Yet this posting, and one from another person, are what inspired me to make a video this weekend.

AlexG said...

I've just seen yr beautiful "High Heels (part 1)." you continue to be my favorite You Tube artist. & if indeed this image helpd guide you to that lovely piece then it seems to make all this fiddle-faddling of mine here worthwhile.