10 December 2008

the thief in me

I have 2 cedar chests. Mom's is full of my publications & under this long white table I use as a computer desk. the other was Julia Waida's & contains linens & other cloth items. it's in my great room   a divider between livingroom space & that of the dining area.

as part of my housecleaning I'm moving things around & changing "stuff." I wantd to trade cloths under the teak tray that holds marbles. the brown plaid one from Mom was to be put away while I pickd something fresh. of course the chest wdn't open. it has a lock which somehow lockd itself for the 1st time ever. & I have no key.

after 5 minutes of cursing (I'm still pissd off that a mini-crash of my computer resultd in my no longer being able to save cookies)I realizd I must put all those movies I've seen to work. so I thot for a moment. I went to a kitchen drawer & producd an ice pick. with cunning & guile & hopefully some grace as well I manipulatd that tool till the chest sprung open.

now I have a new Greek cloth to put under the teak tray & a sudden feeling of suavity.

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cinemage books said...

I don't think you have to do anything for your computer to create "cookies."