18 December 2008

broken lock

another item from my everyday life must be laid to rest.

for at least the past decade I've employd Uncle John's copper lock at the gym. it was his during his work life at US Steel in Lorain during the century just past. I've enjoyd its feel & look. but I discoverd it no longer locks. rather than fix it I think it's time to take up residencey in the antiques drawer. with thievery rampant in lockerrooms it's probably past time for its retirement.

& that clown keychain? I'm not at all into clowns but my parents brought that back from their only trip to Las Vegas. they stayd at Circus Circus which I see when I stay at Blue Moon.


Montgomery Maxton said...

my dad used to work at the ford plant in lorain.

AlexG said...

my dad died in a hospice not far from the Ford plant. & I still have several cousins in Lorain.