12 December 2008

emotionally this

has been a turbulent year for me.

yesterday the kitchen was my attack point in this housecleaning project. & it turnd out to be overwhelming. altho I always am aware of what's there & their particular histories the act of holding items from the dead was stirring.

romertopf from Paul Metcalf
Aunt Mary's plate
pitcher made by Julia Waida
cookbooks from T. R. Queen & David Meredith
even errant Melina hairs

but the object I found most moving was something my father made.

it was the cold-air return for the hallway of my house in Kent. it's such a competent piece of craftsmanship that I brought it west with me. it sits on top of kitchen cabinets as a free-standing sculpture. but as I held it on my lap dusting each section with an old toothbrush I was brought nearly to tears. it's not simply that it's a lovely piece of work but it was done by my father for me. & to me it's a demonstration of love. Dad & I had some tense moments in our relationship. both stubborn men with strong opinions. but holding that object that he made for me I knew he loved me as much as I loved him.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and your father did well. I suspect every object takes on more artistic qualities in your lovely area of the country. The objects stubbornly remain, with their history.

cinemage books said...

You stubborn? No way.