12 October 2008

Matthew Shepard (1976-1998)


Anonymous said...

I always liked the Elton John ballad about him.

cinemage books said...

Ten years already and not much as changed. No federal hate crime bill passed. Maybe when Obama is elected things will change. I took part in the huge demonstration here in New York even though the pig Rudy Gulianai said we couldn't. But boy did we ever. It was scary at times.

malibu boy said...

If anyone has Sirius radio, the OutQ channel (109) is doing a special this weekend called "The Laramie Project" - 10 years later. It airs in the Derek and Romaine time slot.

Romaine, one of the cohosts on Sirius was one of Matthew's friends. Judy Shepard was interviewed last week discussing how there is still much work to be done. I believe she travels 250 days out of the year.