13 October 2008

back from Ohio

I'm happy to report that Mom is greeting widowhood with grace.

she & Dad were married for 66 years. so it's a difficult stage in her life. but she's being brave. because the hurricane causd my visit for her birthday to not happen we celebratd all over again.

& for a change the weather was beautiful. my favorite time of year in Ohio has always been oct. on sat cousin Sal took me on a little trip. here he is with Lorain's famous bascule bridge which has been stuck in the up position for 4 months.

one of the world's largest drawbridges   it was opend in 1940. watching it part & lift was a boyhood thrill.


Anonymous said...

Viewing the photo at full size, the bridge is thrilling! Stuck open? How unexpected!

I like to think the most intelligent and resourceful among us learn how to rewrite their personal scripts from day to day. Yet life without a familiar partner must be a tremendously large step.

Anonymous said...

thats the lorain ohio bridge

AlexG said...

yes. the Charles Berry Bridge.