14 October 2008

in the heartland

across the street from Mom's house there are several McCain/Palin signs. not surprising. Ohio leans Republican in presidential contests. & indeed McCain is ahead by an inch in state polls. so that campaign has sent the veep candidate to Ohio to spew her vitriol.

knowing that I was still shockd when one of Mom's elderly lady friends compard Obama to Hitler. that's exactly the kind of hate this campaign has generatd. those critics who have condemnd McCain are right. he's allowd the red state red meat rednecks to shout & clamber in a danergous manner.

something else is happening there that worries me. the Ohio Republican Party sued the secretary of state over voter registration. altho the judiciary has been split in its response so far I fear that in another close election Ohio cd once again be the culprit that catapaults the GOP candidate to the White House. we all know the Diebold controversy of 2004.