21 October 2008

2 weeks to go

McCain now ahead in Ohio & Florida & gaining in the newest national poll.

be afraid. be very afraid.


Anonymous said...

if mccain wins i will totaly give up on this country, never vote again and sit back and watch it colapse with glee.

cinemage books said...

where are you getting this stuff from. From everything I see Obama is leading.

cinemage books said...


AlexG said...

well Ira I got it from a site you first told me abt:
which shows the latest polls with McCain ahead in Ohio & Florida & up in the national.

AlexG said...

I went to poll3.com & got even more upset. they show a national poll with Obama ahead by only one point.

cinemage books said...

if McBush and McPain win I don't know what I'll do. Cry I guess, but then what? like anonymous I will never vote again and I'll just wash my hands finally with this country. If I was young I would leave. I just don't see McBush and McPain winning though, I just saw a poll that shows him ahead by 10pts. what the fuck is going on?? I hate McBush with a passion and despise that horrible bitch. Hated her the minute I saw her. Four years of looking at McBush with that puffy cheek of his ugh, and his drug addled wife, horrible, not to mention McPain and her trailer park trash family. Wish this election was over.