21 July 2008

Meryl Mia!

I first saw Streep in a Tennessee Williams one-act early in 1976. the buzz in theater circles was that she was someone to watch. abt a year after that I saw her do Chekhov. in a supporting role she used her hands as if they were props & was a delight. it was abt another whole year before I saw her on the big screen for the 1st time -- again in support in "Julia." over the decades she's done all manner of roles in all styles of films.

this afternoon I caught her current release. it's a trivial piece but Streep invests it with so much more than the material deserves that it becomes a joy to watch.


Montgomery Maxton said...

i agree. the scene with her on the cliff in that red scraf was really nice.

cinemage books said...

I haven't seen any of the big blockbusters yet, including meryl mia, who I adore, and also recall her from the cherry orchard. I've been going to the "little" movies. This fucking heatwave drove me to 2 flicks this weekend. Tell No One, a fun French thriller with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. The lead actor is the spitting image of dustin hoffman. A swell script and some wonderful performances. Also Before I Forget, I'm still digesting that one, See it for the fine performance by Jacques Nolot who also wrote and directed.

AlexG said...

a frenchman who looks like Dustin Hoffman? poor guy.