09 February 2008

tempus keeps fugiting

in the opening scene of "Bernard and Doris" we see a middle-aged man playing the butler. the credits tell us his name is Peter Asher.

I saw Asher on the stage of the magnificent Akron Civic Theater in the summer of 1965. Dick Clark was touring his "Caravan of Stars." Asher was half of a Brit pop duo calld Peter & Gordon. both he & I were so much younger then.

also on the bill were the popular Shirelles. & Tom Jones swiveld those hips while crooning "What's New Pussycat."


Unknown said...

I also saw Dick Clark and the Caravan of Stars at the Akron Civic Theatre in 1965. I have been trying to remember who all performed. Remember Tom Jones and the Turtles. You remember Peter & Gordon. Who else?

Alex Gildzen said...

the Shirelles

Unknown said...

The list of performers I found online (my memory isn't that good) included Sonny & Cher. I think I would have remembered them! Do you know? The other performers (according to one list) included: Ronnie Dove, Them, Brian Hyland, Billy Jo Royal, & Mel Carter

Alex Gildzen said...

Sonny & Cher may have been part of the tour but they didn't play Akron.

however I do remember Billy Jo Royal.