16 February 2008

the fall from grace of Bill Richardson

everyone in New Mexico knows his ego is as big as his waistline. but he's always been popular. however many citizens became disgruntld over the absences requird by his foolhardy run for the presidency.

when the governor returnd he set much too high of an agenda for the legislature who revoltd. when the session came to an end without his pet projects passd he held the kind of arrogant press conference we expect from the current president.

then there's the caucus fiasco which gave the state a black eye. however Richardson continues to support the Democratic boss who supervisd it.

it's no secret Richardson covets either the vice-presidency or the position of Secretary of State. his desire to be on the national stage is so great he has yet to endorse a presidential candidate. of course he wants to go with a winner but isn't sure which one that will be. the irony is that the longer he waits to endorse & campaign the less he'll be worth.

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Anonymous said...

What planet are you on, Alex?

Governor Richardson did not set too high an agenda for the Legislature; in fact, he asked them to do only two things: Pass a Domestic Partnership Rights Bill and provide universal health care coverage for all New Mexicans. I guess that is a high bar if you are functionally illiterate, which may be the resume of most of the current State Senators. No wonder so many have opposition in the Primary.

As for the caucus, he publicly expressed disappointment in Brian Colon, and blamed him for the mess. Brian graciously accepted responsibility, but it was certainly not his fault entirely. New Mexico's voter roles have exploded, and the Secretary of State failed to get Brian updated voter registration lists, despite repeated requests.

I don't know where you get your facts, but you should check before you blog.

David B