02 February 2008

on the hustings

I was 13 when I took this of veep candidate Estes Kefauver stumping at Euclid Beach Park.

while at Northwestern in summer of 1960 I photographd then veep Richard Nixon & family as they arrivd in Chicago for the Republican National Convention. in those distant days candidates drove around in open cars.

in the fall of that year I stood beside Jerry Haff as he took this of JFK riding thru Elyria.

this picture of Julie Brent shivering in line yesterday is on the front page of this morning's New Mexican. that green blob on the right is my back.

& if you look at this video I'm in that crowd. you won't be able to pick me out but I see myself clearly.


ebebp said...

We're Euclid Beach Park Now -- a club dedicated to keeping the memories of Euclid Beach alive (& doing it well!)

We'd love to hear more about Estes Kefauver at EBP . .

Alex Gildzen said...

the event was the Cuyahoga County Democratic Steer Roast. Kefauver was the primary speaker. the Tracey Twins performd & Miss Ohio (Roberta Palmer) was there in tiara & billowing white gown.

cinemage books said...

I'd know that green blob anywhere.