11 November 2007

Savage Canticles

how many times
has yr intention
been toward here
but a detour
took you there

how many detours
have brought change
to the narratives
that become history

unwritten code
bludgeons pigeons
in that park
where squatters

a nurse
shoots up
footlight glamour

portfolio of malice
spiders into
every century
sans invitation
or strategy

lost pastry chef
physique model
trimming roses

dance in Manhattan
or die in Winnipeg
yr life cradles
broken by bandits

each crumb
in redwood


Steve said...
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Steve said...

Wicked nifty, thrifty poem, poming, poetry, lines, Alex!

The second time through, the stanza, lines, second half of #3 really caught me. First, from "lost" and "discovers" simply in the abstract, then from the deeper sense that the pastry chef was "lost," feeling lost, until he "discovers" the "physique model." You probably won't tell us whether he's lost because he's lonely or he's lost because he, say, couldn't find the "roses" that he'd made for a certain cake, but I could easily read it either way.

Anywho, I surely enjoy the whole thing.

I like that the "portfolio of malice / spiders into / every century" sans "strategy," not just "invitation," and I suspect that that is why it "spiders" into, spiders and malice so often operating without clear strategy and all. Malice, no strategy...
Like that very much.

Canticles, Cantus, Cantos?

AlexG said...

you honor me Steve with such a careful reading.

thank you.