10 November 2007

on the bus

to town yesterday I was reading Joe Brainard. in "A Special Diary" he mentions Aldo's: "The Italian restaurant I always eat at when I eat out alone." the only time I ever saw Brainard eating out alone it was around the corner at Duff's.

but in this piece he writes abt beautiful waiters & a good juke box & always ordering the same thing. "Most of the waiters don't even have to ask what I want. They just bring it to me."

the memories that brought back were staggering. at abt the same time Brainard wrote those words Aldo's was one of my favorite restaurants when I visitd NYC & I always orderd the same thing. in my case it was lasagna.

Aldo's was at 340 Bleecker. later it became Clyde's & lost its magic. I think I was there only twice. once just for drinks with Richard Martin. now it's a 24-hour Greek diner.

but Brainard allowd me to return to a long-gone past of a comfortable place with good food & waiters with whom one flirtd.


Anonymous said...

Such a strange man. I had a crush on him for years, but he was so shy that nothing came of it. I have a lovely painting of his a self portrait with him painting a portrait of Pat Pagett. It was a one sided trade, as I offered to give him a piece of mine, but he said that he couldn't deal with owning other artist's art or something like that, but I could have a painting of his.

Christopher Hennessy said...

Just a note to say thanks for your recent comment about Eva, Judy et al. You articulated perfectly something that was nudging at the back of my head.

AlexG said...

CH -- I love tickling yr nudges...