29 November 2007


the last gift she gave me was in july. I spent a short time in Kent before going on to see my parents in Elyria. my friend Alfred had a little party for me. Lil had a blood transfusion that afternoon but still arrivd at the gathering. she had some difficulty managing the stairs but once on the porch was a charming conversationalist. I remember her laugh. when she left she again had some trouble with the stairs & once in the driveway nearly collapsd. but her husband Brinsley held her lovingly the whole way & she didn't fall. I huggd her goodbye   so grateful that she'd come to see me. after they drove off I sat on the stairs & cried before returning to the party.

this short video offers only a glimpse of our last visit but I'm so happy I took it:


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Alex. It's nice that you got to spend some time with her recently.


cinemage books said...

I remember meeting her at your house is that correct. Think they also came to my show at Kent? It looked like a nice group of people.

AlexG said...

thank you Craig.

& yes Ira Joel. Brinsley was on Kent's art faculty. he & Lil were socially active & were at most of my gatherings.