18 October 2007

like water on a beach

my head was full of "put another nickel in..." as I walkd in a chill wind to the post office. one of the items I was mailing west was to Linda Lyke. I haven't been in touch with the printmaker for a couple of years. so my mind was all over the place -- from that long ago music to fun meals with Linda.

then I got home to find e-mail from several friends informing me of the death of Deborah Kerr. the only time I ever saw her in person was 30 years ago in "Long Day's Journey into Night." & I went with Linda Lyke.


malibu boy said...

Also gone today: The Rat Pack's Joey Bishop. Was Wayne Newton too young to be orbiting around the Rat Pack? Liza Minelli? I seem to remember these two associated somewhat early on with the RP.

Alex Gildzen said...

Bishop certainly was the least important member of that gang. not sure what Sinatra mite have made of such a non-talent as Newton. Liza had the life style donw pat but was so much younger.