20 October 2007


Duane Hartzell is one of the contributors to the "My First Movie" section of my new book. he was my first Kent State roommate. it was only for a week -- a freshman orientation during the summer before officially enrolling in the fall.

the only class I remember being in with Duane was fencing. at that time I was theater critic for the student paper & he was a frequent actor & director. so I think he'd let me win when we faced each other with swords.

after graduation Duane went to Hollywood where he became a film editor. among his features were "Black Samson" (1974) & "Jennifer" (1978). he also editd television movies for such directors as Wes Craven & Tony Bill.

as so often happens we lost touch. but in 1995 we arrangd to brunch at Mirabelle on the Sunset Strip. as a surprise he invitd one of our Kent professors -- William H. Zucchero -- to join us. Dr. Z made the move west after retiring. he taught at other schools & did voiceover work.

it was the last time I saw either of them.

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Anonymous said...

I was a student of Professor Zucchero's ex wife, Nancy Wynn at Wells College. I never met Professor Zucchero, but I did hear a lot about him and how gifted he was as a director as well as an actor. I remember when Nancy traveled back to Kent State to see her former husband perform in Death of a Salesman back in the mid 1980's. I am curious to know more about him and appreciate finding this photo. Thank you for posting.