01 October 2007

from the archives

it's spring of 1987 & I'm at C. C. Brown's. for years it was a regular stop on my visits to Hollywood Blvd. the hot fudge sundae was inventd there. in the '40s & '50s its wonderful wood booths held the bottoms of Elizabeth Short & James Dean & Katharine Hepburn.

on one trip I lunchd at the Brown Derby on Vine. I was too full from the Cobb salad (which was inventd there) to have the famous grapefruit cake. so I prowld some bookstores & made my way down past Grauman's Chinese Theater for a hot fudge sundae. to my shock C. C. Brown's was gone & the tackiest of fast-food joints was in its space. I suddenly felt old & depressd.

a while ago the Brown family startd a small version of the place next to what is calld Schwab's but really isn't. I went once with my buddy Craig. the famous fudge sauce was servd hot in a cruet just like in the old days. but the spot had no ambiance. it didn't last long.

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Jd Cc said...

CC Browns was owned by the Schumachers...and they sold some of their rights to Lawry's...I hear you can go to Lawry's Tam 0'Shanter in Glendale off of Los Feliz and they are serving the Hot Fudge Sundae that CC Browns made famous in Hollywood....Sadly, I miss those old days at C.C. Browns. The children didn't want to keep it running after their father died...Sometimes, the Dream dies when someone passes away.