22 October 2007


they have always fascinatd us. but am I the only one to find their proliferation unreasonable & their coverage silly.

one expects the tabloids to be full of such non-talents as Brittany Spears & Ann Coulter but the current lead story on the CNN Political Ticker is that Chuck Norris is backing Huckabee for president.

come on.... Norris? I can't name a single movie he was ever in. why wd any news organization release such a story? what's next? "Rula Lenska Supports Kucinich"?


Montgomery Maxton said...

im reading celebrity detox by mizzzzz rosie odonnell.

cinemage books said...

Chuck had a very popular television show, my mother was a huge fan of his, not to mention all is karate movies. No he does have a following, in fact I noticed him in a recent tv commercial. I can't stand any of them from Paris Hilton to Jessica Simpson back to God awful Britany Spears, who is horrible looking to boot. Can you imagine them in 10 years. At least amy winehouse as flaky as she is is an incredible singer.

AlexG said...

in 10 years they'll be lucky to get on "Dancing with the Stars." sadly poor Amy probably won't last that long.