18 April 2007

photo booths

many readers of this blog will be too young to know what photo booths were. when I was a boy they were everywhere & I adore the instant documents taken in these booths.

this one was probably taken at Woolworth's in downtown Elyria abt 1954 with my friend Bob Poling. I'll resist comment.


richard lopez said...

i'm not too young to remember photo booths. used to be a woolworths downtown, a few doors up from the star theater that showed old kung fu flicks, that had a photo booth inside. we would feed it quarters and take all manner of pics of ourselves.

and the photo booths, the old-fashioned kind, are a big draw at the ca state fair. i have tacked to my desk a sequence of pics of anna and me taken at the fair in i think '98 or '99.

Rob Kistner said...

I put a great many quarters in photo booths, and talked a girlfriend or two into some "natural exposure".

My wife and I love Santa Fe. Great place! Last there in May '05. Spent some time with Jane Sauer. She was in the process of taking ownership of Thirteen Moons Gallery.

Enjoyed your site. Stop by mine at image-verse.com

--and so it goes--

AlexG said...

Rob -- thx for stopping by.

I know that gallery well. my friend James Koehler shows his remarkable weavings there.