09 April 2007

a block on which to build a shrine to Virginia Grey

the last time I talkd with Virginia Grey I told her how much I'd like to see "Jeanne Eagels" again. she lookd wistful & sd she thot she did well in it.

I finally found the film on DVD & watchd it last nite. despite the fact that both Daniel Fuchs & John Fante workd on the screenplay -- it's bad. Kim Novak gives a nearly legendary lousy performance. one wants to forgive her because she had moments of blinding beauty. but she stinks. as does her leading man: all that's perky abt Jeff Chander are his nipples.

that sd -- I'm glad I saw it in this its 50th anniversary year. because Virginia Grey -- in her few moments on screen -- is as moving as I rememberd. Grey was one of those actresses who never achievd superstardom but never let down an audience. in one small part after another she was a joy.

it's also good to see silent screen comedian Snub Pollard in a bit in which he dances with Novak. & if you don't blink you'll spot a second of Richard Harrison in one of his first screen appearances.

but the one real reason to sit thru this turkey is to witness the art of Virginia Grey.

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irajoel said...

I always liked Virginia Grey also, but when young I sometimes got her confused with Virginia Gregg who did the voice of the mother in Psycho. Even when I was ten years old I thought Jeanne Eagels was a dud except for agnes moorehead and grey and I did adore Novak. I remember the ad campaign on the subways in new york city had novak and chandler ( no he wasn't wearing a dress) in an embrace with the caption reading something like "This too is Jeanne Eagels." this caught my attention and imagination.