15 April 2007

meeting a documentarian

I met Craig Highberger in the shadow of the Kerouac scroll. he was in town for a couple of days working on a film commission. we exchangd a few e's after I'd seen & admird his Jackie Curtis doc "Superstar in a Housedress" but this was our initial face-to-face.

after the presentation we did an art tour of the city -- running into such locals as Victoria Price & Gary Farmer. at one point in our getting-to-know-each-other conversations I mentiond having seen Holly Woodlawn at the Warhol Museum in Craig's hometown. he pulld out his cell phone & placd a call     handing the phone over to me for a naughty little chat with the underground star.

we lunchd at Cowgirl Hall of Fame & purchasd Haywood's fabulous chocolates at Todos Santos before saying good-bye. then last nite I watchd his newest film "Jack Mitchell: My Life is Black and White." what a joy. anyone who's been involvd in the arts in the past half century will know Mitchell's work. 2 of my favorites are his portrait of Louis Falco in "Timewright" -- abt which I wrote a poem many years ago -- & a photo of the Alvin Ailey company which was on a poster I've had for at least 4 decades.

one hopes Craig will continue making films for years & years. I think he's the perfect candidate to document the history & influence of After Dark magazine whose editor Bill Como used hundreds of Mitchell photographs.

there are some clips from Craig's Mitchell film on You Tube which shd enchant you enuf to want to purchase the DVD.


durlx said...

I am so glad to hear that Holly is still alive and well! I met her years ago in New Orleans when she was there doing a play. She stayed across the street from my store and I talked to her almost daily for about a month; what a joy.

AlexG said...

she's been thru some tough times Durl -- but she told me the other day that she's "fabulous."

cinemage books said...

the other day at the housing works monthly book sale I found a nice inscribed copy of her autobio. Its on sale on my book website www.cinemagebooks.com $100.00.