14 February 2007

a valentine for my pen pal

many many years ago my mother had a pen pal in England. I recall her name was Kathleen & she lived in Sheffield. that was probably the reason that as a boy I took a pen pal. I no longer remember how I "found" her or what her name was. in fact I remember very little of that experience. however I do recall that in my first letter I askd if she lived in an igloo & when I discoverd she didn't I was disappointd.

over the years I've had many correspondences. but it wasn't till abt 8 years ago that I "found" another pen pal. I met Bob in a men's chat room calld MAB (Music Arts Books). I discoverd other fascinating men there -- several of whom I actually met -- but Bob is the one to whom I became closest. & we have yet to meet.

I can't tell you much abt him because he's a private person who doesn't trust the internet enuf to allow his face to be transmittd. but we've come to know each other so well that we share everything abt our lives. it's not uncommon for us to e each other a dozen times a day.

so on this Valentines Day I'm going public with something most private. I have a pen pal who means a great deal to me. & I want to thank him for caring enuf abt me to always be there to listen.

since I can't post his picture I'm offering one of the ones Izayah took of me at Bubbling Wells Ranch. you see Bob knows my fondness for wearing other people's clothes. so every once in a while he sends me some of his oldies. & here I am in an Old Navy shirt of his:


Vera Charles said...

Why do I feel like Alan Hale Jr. is right behind you ready to hit you over the head with his hat?

Sit right back kisses,

Malibu Boy said...

Sweetest valentine I ever got. (sniffle).


Carol said...

I've got a penpal I met over the internet. We've been corresponding for ten years now and have known each other through marriage, children and divorce but still never met. It's kind of nice. You are very lucky - and I like your shirt

AlexG said...

Vera doll --
I see you're still pissd at not getting Natalie Schaefer's part

Bob --
the pleasure is mine

Carol --
aren't we lucky?

Vera Charles said...

Bless you lovie. Bless you.

And when can we have dinner again?

Lovey Howell kisses,