23 February 2007


yr top 10 fave films. it's going around blogs like a virus. Richard Lopez gave it to me.

shit. I cd never limit my list to 10. besides it's always changing. I'd have to review what I mite think are my faves & try to rank them. which Hitchcock? which Wilder? I guess I cd do a list if I calld it "my 10 favorite films on such & such day."

a hundred years ago -- when I was in junior high............ well that shows you how old I am. there no longer is a junior high. it's now "middle school." anyway there was something calld slam books. they were usually one of those spiral notebooks with questions on either side of that dividing line. they were surreptitiously passd around during classes. I think I've written abt this somewhere. "favorite movie" was one of the questions. as I consider this tag business it seems to me to be the electronic version of a slam book.

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