27 February 2007

this from Kryss

Tom passes on news from Russell Salamon:

I will reprint d.a. levy's UKANHAVYRFUCKINCITIBAK. by May 1, 2007.
It has been long out of print and the remaining copies are collector's items
which sell for from between $100 and $400, maybe more. New readers
must have access to this historic work.

. . .

There is so much history and good material in this book that it stands as a
document for freedom of thought and freedom of speech from the exciting
Sixties and the mimeograph revolution in Cleveland, Ohio. New readers
should have access to copies, but it should stay in its original form.

Russell's looking for patrons for the reprint. if you have some mad money you want to send him e-mail me & I'll forward his address.

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