17 February 2007

a nite of leather pants & hot words

a week ago there was a reading of some of the poets in the anthology Queering Language at Bowery Poetry Club. I wasn't invitd. that makes me sad because from photos I've seen online it looks like it was an evening to remember. it also makes me sad because I missd gazing into the eyes of Filip Marinovich.


Jack said...

Hi Alex,

Readers at that event were based in NYC. There are other QL readings set or about to be scheduled in other places. Maybe you could put something together out West?!

-- JK

AlexG said...

I knew that was an east coast gathering but it's always exciting to read at BPC.

a west coast event wd be a thrill but my Perle Mesta days are over so I'll don my black jockstrap if someone else does the planning.