23 July 2006

R.I.P. Mike Carver

my cousin Sal pickd me up yesterday morning & drove me to the airport. he'd been up late caring for his ailing roommate Mike.

I learnd last nite that when he returnd home from the airport he found Mike dead.


j2 said...

My thoughts are with you in this season of loss in your family, Alex. It's sweet to see your dad is still finding a way to do the things he enjoys.

Malibu said...

Yes, it's one day, one moment at a time for all of us. Sometimes things are just meant to happen the way they do. It's up to us to figure out how to process all the stuff that is thrown our way - the best we know how at that particular time. Hang in there.

I loved the picture of your dad. It's very very moving. It made me miss my own father very much.

P.S. My brother in law's last name? Carver. Odd.