14 July 2006

"pennies from heaven"

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another project:

I'm not a big celebrator of Xmas but in 2000 a friend suggestd dinner. but she didn't offer to pick me up. so I walkd in the cold the 50 minutes to town. I guess I was feeling a bit dejectd so I was looking down instead of out & around. as I was crossing Sandoval St I spottd a penny. it's been sd picking up a penny is good luck so I did. but this one was the start of a new piece.

I found a coin collector's album & keep found pennies from my trips with notation of where & when. so far I have 84 pennies.


irajoel said...

For some odd reason, my mother in the late 50's decided to collect pennies and brought several penny albums for them, which happily I still have, along with the large plastic Lincoln Penny Bank from my childhood.

AlexG said...

on the news the other nite it sd that it now costs more than a cent to manufacture a penny & that some Congressmen want to do away with it. but because we are a democracy that effort creatd a "save the penny" movement.