15 July 2006


in 1972 I creatd that headline in The Year Book. I recall having read that W.H. felt topical references cdn't last. at the time I wonderd if perhaps the Swedish star mite be rememberd longer than the poet.

in yesterday's mail I rec'd the 3rd issue of Court Green. it's dossier section is a grouping of bouts-rime poems. that form inventd in the 17th century by forgotten French poet Dulot is a game in which people are given specific end words. one of the 14 given words is Garbo. so we have this splendid collection of poems from the likes of Shanna Compton & Brad Gooch.

I haven't read thru the entire section yet. but if you're thinking that such a game is frivolous then read Dorianne Laux's "For Matthew Shepard."

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