23 July 2006

of Phil Andros & other matters

today is the birthday of Samuel M. Steward (1909-1993) who I was lucky enough to meet in 1982. when I turnd 50 he wishd me "a future without doctors or lawyers intruding."

he was on my mind when I read the blog of another sexual adventurer from the Bay area who writes under a psuedonym. altho I didn't meet Jared Christopher I "observd" him completely naked & scandalous in Palm Springs last month. his current post addresses getting old as a gay man.

watching Dad falter naturally makes me think of what will happen to me if I have the misfortune of living into my 80s.

Jared -- if you're frightend now just wait several more decades. don't believe the AARP propaganda. getting old may be the scariest thing that happens to us.

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