17 February 2006

when pretty boys disappoint

o Johnny. were you worn out from shopping? or bushd from producing so much sass in all those interviews? that performance was tea left too long in the cup.

yr sad tale remind'd me of another talentd & brash young skater. Christopher Bowman. his personal excesses burnd him up before gold cd come his way.


irajoel said...

an article in the Times this morning said that he missed the bus to the rink because of a time change. I agree that his performance left much to be desired, but have no doubt he will be back. He was quite gracious. When questioned about his sexuality for the 1000th time he said why don't you question Bode Miller or ask Michelle Kwan if shes a lesbian. Is Bode gay? Any talk about him.

Regality said...

ALL the performances left much to be desired. It looked like a bunch of amateurs trying out for the winter fest in DeadEndLake, Minnesota. I stayed up that late for that? Sheesh!

AlexG said...

Plushenko probably deservd gold for his string of tricks but he's no artist. I'm happy that Buttle & Lysacek got it together. & if I were Weir I'd consider moving on. the conservative US figure skating community will be after him with tomahawks. perhaps he cd consider acting. he cd remake the Sonja Heinie pictures.