18 February 2006

mailbox full of mags

so yesterday I got a trio of quite different periodicals in the mail.

since we run in different circles I have yet to encounter Tom Ford in town. so I can't call him up to chat abt "his" issue of Vanity Fair. after all the hype it's rather disappointing. the Annie Leibovitz portrait of Jake Gyllenhaal is terrific. the eyes & pout of Jonathan Rhys Meyers turn me on. & what a blast to see Mamie Van Doren right there with all of today's stars.

includes a piece on David Hockney with solid illustrations. his portrait of Divine I first saw on a visit to his studio on Santa Monica Blvd & it sort of follows me around.

the new issue of St. Vitus Press & Poetry Review deserves future comment. it's the little mag editd by Todd Moore & his son Theron. this number includes my Black Dahlia poem from the collection-in-progress abt Hollywood.


Regality said...

It must be rewarding to see your work in print, no matter how many times it has happened before. (And I can't help think that it's a good thing the magazine isn't about dance. *L*)

richard lopez said...

how can i get a copy of st vitus? been reading bits of moore's work, and am in awe of the power of his work. i don't have any of his chaps, just poems in journals here and there, and just got _the outlaw bible of american poetry_ last week.

AlexG said...

there is no snail address given in the issue but try writing to "stvitusfan@aol.com".

Charles said...

Tom Ford is the sexiest man alive. *drools*