22 February 2006

memory on my mind

yesterday I was reading an article which mentiond a largely forgotten newspaper columnist Hal Boyle. I immediately rememberd being part of a mass interview of him while I was still in high school. that moment of my life has been buried for decades.
from that my mind was skittering around & somehow I began to think of people -- like Clay -- who were in my life ever so briefly. he was a photographer I met in Manhattan. altho I have a photograph of his I have no photograph of him. & his face has disappeard from memory.

because I work on Alex in Movieland every day & have for several years now the whole idea of memory continues to be potent. what do we remember & why? what do we forget & why? what can bring a memory back? where was it while it was "away"?

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Regality said...

There's no question that scent is one of the strongest memory makers, but does that work for the memory of people? Maybe the memory of the smell of his cologne or aftershave, but how do you retrieve a memory from the scent of his body when it is unique to him and you will never encounter it again?