19 February 2006

a passing

2 weeks ago today I watchd the DVD Ira Joel Haber sent me of "Odds Against Tomorrow." in the impressive cast I was struck by Richard Bright playing a character with gay dimensions. it was his first film. Bright went on to appear in "The Godfather" films & work by Peckinpah & Leone. poetry fans may remember his 1965 arrest on obscenity charges for appearing in Michael McClure's "The Beard" in San Francisco.

minutes ago I rec'd an e from James Robert Parish informing me that Bright is dead. he was run over by a bus in Manhattan.

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irajoel said...

There was a short piece in the times yesterday about some guy getting killed by a tourist bus, but they didn't say who it was. Guess they didn't know at that point. Bright was a good supporting player, and sad that he had to go by getting hit by one of those fucking tourist buses that are everywhere in the city and are a big menace and an even bigger pain in the ass. I HATE THEM!