21 November 2005

some call it progress

among the clippings in Mother's envelope today was a letter to the editor of the Elyria paper bemoaning the passing of a local tradition.

I've written elsewhere abt Thomasson's Potato Chips. I remember as a boy going to the original store on Clark & eating the chips while they were still hot. when I left for Kent State my folks wd always bring bags of Thomasson's when they visitd. I seem to remember photos of a party I had for Robert Peters featuring a huge tin can with the company's trademark red   white & blue design.

altho the company was doing $3 million a year business   that didn't seem to be enough. so a few years ago they sold out to another chip company in Mansfield. it didn't take long for me to taste the difference. originally Thomasson's chips were fried in soybean oil & were the best I've ever had. the woman who wrote the letter to the editor explaind that the new company uses cottonseed oil. so the chips sold in the red   white & blue bags with that proud Elyria name are no longer the same product. I can still go home again. I just can't eat the potato chips.

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